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50+ Fitness Club

Low impact classes concentrating on fitness, strength, core, balance, flexibility, posture and rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation available for all ages following injury, illness and surgery.


Classes are led by qualified fitness instructors.


You maybe invited to come for an assessment to ensure you start in the correct class and to become familiar with the equipment.


Easyfit -beginners Classes:- For those returning to exercise and the less

confident, including rehab.


Betafit- Intermediate Classes:- For the more confident person.


Alphafit- Advanced Classes:- Faster paced (available to all age groups.)


Balance Class- Class to help prevent falls and strengthen core



Core Fit - core workout similar to Pilates

                 £30/month for unlimited classes and open gym sessions.

                     Some restrictions may apply due to social distancing

                                     Contact Clare 07708173711









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