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Cloud Aerial Arts, Silsden

Aerial silks is a circus art that is growing in popularity. You will learn to climb the material and perform tricks and drops. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it is also creative and an extremely good work out. Like many things it is harder than it looks and you will really begin to appreciate this kind of art once you have given it a go. You will gain a real sense of achievement when you learn your first climb, pose and drop.

Silks is a great alternative way to build amazing upper body and core strength as well as work on coordination and that all important gracefulness.

These classes are available for any age, sex and size whether you have tried something like this before or if you are a complete novice.

Pole Exercise Classes

Try something new with these new classes. Excellent for developing, core, balance and strength

Contact Lois for enquires and booking - 07793509810

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