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Gym Classes

Personal Training

50+ Club      -Go to services and click on 50+ club

Personal Training/Coaching - A bit more of a personal approach to training.

Gym Classes

Gym Classes and Open Gym

Alpha Fit - A fun varied workout with strength, cardio, core aspects, to bring about a complete workout, burning lots of calories. All abilities welcome. Classes throughout the week.

Betafit- similar to alphafit but easier

Easyfit - For the older person and beginners, stretching, strengthening, posture, core and balance.


Core Stability - similar to Pilates.

Core Strengthening- Good workout for the core muscles

Open Gym- Chance to use equipment outside class times

Price:-     £30 for unlimited classes and open gym sessions.

                 Some restrictions may apply until social distancing can cease.  

Woodhead's Fitness Acadamy

Personal Training/Coaching
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